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PSYCHOLOGY TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMWe are seeking students interested in learning about the science of human behaviour. This is a program ideally for those desiring a longer term career in the field of behavioural psychology. If you are seeking a short term “job”, this program is not intended for you. Program Details: 2 PART APPRENTICESHIP:Online training program studying the roots of behavioural psychology; specifically, on the implementation of behaviour therapy to alter undesired behaviour patterns. Upon completion of training and final exam, full time employment working under supervision of board certified psychologists/behaviour analysts.Employment Details: The work entails implementation of uniquely designed behaviour interventions as means of therapeutic approach for children/teenagers diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Bipolar, and anxiety disorders. The therapy is overseen by a team of professionals, and implemented by junior interventionists. Application Details:Send in a copy of your resume along with contact information. Indicate in your email body your email address along with name and telephone number. Chosen applicants will be contacted via email. Note: Educational experience is an asset, however, not a requirement. Training will be included in the program.