Manager of Volunteer Services & Community Engagement Strategies

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Position: Manager of Volunteer Services & Community Engagement StrategiesWork Week: Full -TimeLocation: Hamilton, Burlington & Surrounding – Office/Shelter/CommunityThe Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA) is a leader in animal welfare in the Golden Horseshoeand one of Ontario’s most progressive animal welfare agencies. Our aspiration is ensuring thateverything we do is “Animal First.” Our goals are to support pet parents, communityprograms, community partners and our stakeholders in order to deliver exceptionaleducational, medical and transitional support by being the leader in animal health here in theGolden Horseshoe corridor.The HBSPCA is a not-for-profit animal welfare organization largely supported by donors,volunteers and friends of the animals. Relations with our community stakeholders are of topimportance; our community make miracles happen every day for animals in the communityand in care.SO, WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?We want a very very HIGH Energy leader, who see’s desk work as administrative but see’sengagement as out meeting and recruiting. You understand that leadership starts with yourdepartment. Securing daily, weekly, monthly volunteer coordinators. You understand thevalue of boots on the ground delivering service and assisting with operations.You believe the power of engagement is getting people into their first volunteer position inhours vs. days and weeks. You understand and agree that technology is a power tool to helpeducate, engage, and advance how well our volunteers get up to speed.A powerful recognition and reward system are the key to every organization. Yes, volunteerssay they don’t want rewards and recognition, but surprise and delight, volunteer clothing,snacks and awards do generate interest and excitement which is what creates an experienceabove all others.Finally, you are a believer that your peers need help to deliver that experience. But that eachstaff member has to understand the VALUE of volunteerism. Your job is to help themunderstand by creating the right tools and culture that celebrates their success andengagement with volunteers.If you believe the same things, we do…. then please apply because we will give you anopportunity to build something exciting and engaging.Here are what you will be responsible for:Key Objectives Create a volunteer team workforce that helps reduce costs to allow more programdollars to fund our delivery of services Create a culture within the organization where all staff see the value in mentoringand supporting volunteer. Create and deliver the “best in class – volunteer experience” any organization canoffer to an individual at any age or time in their life. Develop a stable and strong resource system for your peers so that can be successful,while holding them to account to deliver our best in class experience. Keep your program simple. Communicate, Engage and Recognize. Help volunteersfind the right job, keep job descriptions and tasks simple so a text book isn’t requiredto perform their tasks. Create a long-term sustainable system and platform which retains information forfuture generations. Finally, create a state-of-the-art reward and recognition system. By engaging with allvolunteers and ensuring they know who you are. Identify third party organizations and partners to build relationships andopportunities with that will secure short term and long term volunteers.Key Performance Deliverables Responsible for the strategy and actions to recruit NEW volunteers to theorganization, in order to support the key programming that needs to be delivered byover 5 different departments. Responsible to develop the online training systems and to leverage said technologyto reduce administrative time for both staff and volunteers to be volunteering withinthe organization Responsible for programs/events to reward and recognize Volunteers, through anew online points per hour recognition system. Responsible to create a culture or celebration and engagement with volunteersthrough ongoing ONSITE volunteer experience Responsible to develop, deploy & collect volunteer evaluations after 1 st shift, 5 th shift,10 th shift, and 20 th shift and provide monthly analysis to the CEO. Evaluation will be toprovide feedback on experience, training, overall communication with volunteerdepartment. Responsible for community volunteer outreach, engagement and recruitmentdrives, malls, schools, public places, corporations and government offices. Responsible to engage all volunteers in one on one chats with volunteers that havebeen with the organization for more than one year and have contributed more than20 hours of volunteer time. Responsible to develop all VOLUNTEER Job Descriptions and update and modifyannually. Responsible to Build Community Engagement through Volunteerism Responsible to Network, Develop and engage third parties for Volunteerprogramming that builds on our brand success. Responsible to build ideas that are unique to us, so we can attract more volunteers toour cause.This job is right for you if: You think of solutions and deliverables through simple processes You enjoy being measured on the number of volunteers secured and retained You would consider yourself a disruptor, and enjoy thinking outside the norm You can identify a problem, provide multiple solutions and then execute thosesolutions You understand that success is utilizing skilled volunteers from our community toadvance our cause and deliverables. You understand that people time is more important than administrative time You understand that building your own support team is the core foundation to theorganizations volunteer success. You are PET and PEOPLE focused You are an individual with a sense of commitment and passion for what you doREQUIRMENTS Must have a valid driver’s license Employment conditional on ability to work around pet companions All employees and volunteers are required to be fully (COVID) vaccinatedApplicationsQualified applicants are invited to submit their most creative resume that demonstrates whoyou are to [email protected]