Avionics Systems Technicians

Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre

JOB DESCRIPTION: By applying for this job offer, you are applying for a MILITARY JOB. Electronic components ensure the efficient operation and control of our aircraft. Avionics systems technicians assure the operational capability of all airborne electronics systems in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). They are responsible for first line servicing operations in launching and recovering all types of aircraft. Before applying, it is strongly recommended to look at the online descriptive information as well as the video for your selected trade: http://forcesemplois.com/136e TASKS:  Carry out performance tests, preventive/corrective maintenance, and calibration of the aircraft communication, intercom, search radar, fire control radar, acoustic sensing, infra-red radar, electronic warfare, navigation, compass and flight control systems Set up and operate test equipment to maintain the above systems Operate and maintain computer-controlled automatic test stations Serve as an instructor in field technical training units, training squadrons or basic training units Prepare and maintain aircraft forms and statistical data Operate aircraft support equipment Perform aircraft handling tasks CONDITIONS: In the Regular Force, your work location is not guaranteed since you may be asked to work anywhere in Canada. Military personnel can be asked to work on atypical schedules. However, if you only want to work in your area, the Reserve Force may be an alternative. Consult this table to find out which Reserve Force units are hiring in your area: http://forcesemplois.com/reservetrades Apply now to join the Reserve Force: http://forcesemplois.com/jboreserve Salary increases according to the rank and experience of the member according to the rates of pay applicable on April 1, 2017. To know more about the rates of pay: http://forcesemplois.com/pay RELATED CIVILIAN OCCUPATIONS: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Avionics Avionics Maintenance Technician Aircraft Assembly Controller Board Instrument Installation and Maintenance Technician Avionics Systems Technician Aerospace Engineering Technician Aircraft Instrument, Electrical and Avionics Mechanic Aircraft Instrument, Electrical and Avionics Technician Aircraft Instrument, Electrical and Avionics Inspector BENEFITS: Accidental death insurance Company supplied uniform Competitive salary Dental insurance Disability insurance Floating leave days Medical and paramedical expenses coverage On-going training Paid leave Paid sick leave Pension plan Professional training and development program Regional disparity bonus Reimbursement of tuition fees Vacation