Nurse Practitioner, Tl’azt’en (permanent Full Time)

Northern Health

Join the medical staff serving the Fort St. James area including Family Physicians and a Nurse Practitioner, who are incredibly supportive. This role will include travel to provide primary care to the Tl’azt’en Nation. The Nurse Practitioner is responsible and accountable for the comprehensive assessment of patients/clients/ residents including diagnosing diseases, disorders, and conditions. The Nurse Practitioner initiates treatment including health care management, therapeutic interventions and prescribes medications in accordance with the statutory and regulatory standards, limits, and conditions, and employer policies and procedures. The Nurse Practitioner provides professional guidance to other health professionals and practices autonomously and interdependently within the context of an interdisciplinary health care team, making referrals to specialist physicians and others as appropriate.The position collaborates with patients/clients/residents and other health professionals to identify and assess trends and patterns that have implications for patients/clients/residents, families and communities; develops and implements population and evidence based strategies to improve health and participates in policy-making activities that influence health services and practices. The position participates in peer review and self review to evaluate the outcome of services at the patient/client/resident, community and population level. Qualifications Education and Experience• Completion of BCCNP approved Master’s degree level nurse practitioner program.• Eligible for registration as a Nurse Practitioner with the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP)Knowledge, Skills and Abilities• Ability to communicate and collaborate with patients/clients/residents and families about health findings, diagnosis, treatment, self-care and prognosis.• Ability to collaborate, consult with and formally refer patients/clients/residents to physicians and other health professionals when appropriate.• Ability to critically assess and evaluate health research literature to determine best practices; ability to introduce education and evidence based research.• Ability to assess and recognize population health trends; ability to plan and implement strategies for population based prevention and health promotion.• Ability to implement and evaluate planned change.• Ability to supervise others and evaluate the care they deliver.• Ability to lead a team and work within a team.• Ability to self-direct, interact, and adapt effectively with other professionals in complex, dynamic situations.• Ability to transfer knowledge, teach, coach and mentor others.• Ability to identify and respond appropriately to legal and ethical issues that may arise in patient/resident/client care.• Ability to self-assess performance and assume responsibility and accountability for own professional development, educational or consultative assistance when appropriate.FORT ST. JAMES COMMUNITYSet between the Rocky Mountains in the east and the Coastal Mountains on the west, Fort St. James is located on the Southeast shore of Stuart Lake, one of BC’s largest natural freshwater lakes. The population, including the municipality itself, rural areas and First Nation reserves, is approximately 4,757 people who benefit from an established forest industry and a growing tourism industry. There is a The town is also a scenic gateway to a 300 km network of lakes and rivers.